Elast1 PALS F178


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Elast1 PALS F178

The MARINA ELAST1 PALS FIA suit is made with elast 1® fabric, it turns it into a 100% elastic suit. This is a Marina Racewear exclusive fabric and has been developed with the aim of reducing the weight, providing maximum elasticity, increasing the endurance and the durability, and improving the suit comfort for rallies, raids, and long distance racers.

Thanks to its elastics panels in lumbar area and armpits, the Marina ELAST1 PALS guarantees a perfect mobility to pilots and co-pilots. The inclusion of these areas, added to the elastic fabric properties, result in a suit that adapts perfectly to body movements.

The MARINA ELAST1 PALS suit achieves a total weight lower than 1.1 kg.


  • Embroidered and printed custom logos
  • Elastic panels in lumbar area and armpits
  • Integrated pockets
  • FIA 8856-2000 homologation

  • Base color: Pearl grey
  • Color details 1: Raspberry red

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