AIR SILS BLACK - Red - Pearl Grey


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AIR SILS BLACK - Red - Pearl Grey

Marina AIR is a high performance suit whose total weight is less than 1kg. The composition of its fabrics, developed exclusively by Marina Racewear, has managed to considerably reduce the weight of the suit, complying with the protection standards required by the FIA.

The structure of the inner layer has been designed in a way that facilitates the breathability of the suit (65 cm3 of air / second) and provides an ultra-light sensation. The Marina AIR suit maintains 12.1 seconds of protection against second degree burns that characterize the competition garments developed by Marina Racewear.

All models of the Marina AIR suit have elastic bands at the waist and armpits providing ample mobility and comfort. Designed from the fabric to its manufacture in Barcelona, thought to meet the needs of the pilot, from Marina Racewear we are proud to share it with you.