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The new SUPERSTRETCH BOX | MECHANICS overall is our latest addition to our FIA 8856-2018 racing suits line, specially engineered to meet the specific needs of mechanics and teams. This suit seamlessly blends safety and comfort to handle the most demanding situations and repairs.

Like our Marina SUPERSTRETCH suit, this new SUPERSTRETCH BOX is crafted from highly elastic natural fibers, ensuring comfort and mobility. Knee reinforcements assist with physical tasks and ground-level work, while practical pockets allow for essential items such as tools, smartphones, or technological gadgets, maintaining functionality without compromising performance. Moreover, its intelligent design eliminates knit fabric in the lumbar area, reducing weight and enhancing freedom of movement.

Breathability is a key feature of this suit, with a capacity of 65 cm3 of air per second, ensuring continuous comfort and efficient temperature regulation, in compliance with the strict safety standards set by FIA 8856-2018 standard.

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