Classics Daytona F316


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Classics Daytona F316

MARINA CLASSICS DAYTONA overall is designed to classic cars competition lovers. This flame retardant competition overall combines a vintage aesthetic with the most advanced technology of our 100% elastic elast1® fabric.

This fabric has been designed to bring maximum elasticity and resistance, bringing as a result an overall that perfectly adapts to any movement to offer maximum comfort to rallyes, raids and long distance race’s pilots and copilots.

This classic racing overall has a weight lower than 1,1 Kg.

Thanks to its composition of natural fibers, it increases the ability to absorb sweat and maintains dry skin of the pilot providing comfort in the high temperatures of the passenger compartment, combining a high degree of comfort, with a permanent fire protection. From the manufacture of the fabric to the making of the suit in Barcelona, we want to share it with you.

    elast1® New Racewear Fabric