UNIC UR Extrasize


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UNIC UR Extrasize

Marina Unic is an innovative race suit. Made with a fabric developed
100% by Marina Racewear with the aim of being fire
retardant, elastic and 100% customizable by sublimation. This
technique allows the printing ink to adhere to the fabric and thus
be able to create any type of design. In addition, it is a suit indicated
for those who want to show a good image of their team, since use
and washing do not affect the high definition of the logos and
colours.Its RET (Textile Evaporation Resistance) value is 9.92
m²/pa/w, one point and a half lower than the market average. This
makes it a garment with a great capacity to evaporate sweat.
- RET 0-6: Very good. Extremely breathable.
- RET 6-13 Good. Very breathable.
- RET 13-20 Normal. Breathable.
- RET 20-30 Poor. Barely breathable.
Suit indicated to unleash creativity without losing the comfort and
safety of our FIA suits.

• Homologation: FIA 8856-2018
• Elastic and breathable race suit
• 100% customizable by sublimation
• Fabric with a high degree of definition in logos and colours
• RET breathability value: 9.92 m²/pa/w.
• Weight of 1.3kg

• Pre-curved sleeves
• 3 capas de protección contra el fuego
• Inherent flame retardant (from the fiber)
• Antibacterial
• Extrasoft