Marina Treck Pants


140,00 €

Max: 100 pieces/size

Marina Treck Pants

Discover the perfect combination of comfort and durability with the Treck Marina Pants. Designed for everyday use, these trousers not only offer an exceptional ergonomic fit, but also have features that make them ideal for any situation.

Their elasticity ensures freedom of movement, allowing you to tackle any challenge effortlessly, whether on the street or on track. Thanks to their fabrics, these pants withstand daily wear, maintaining functionality and optimal condition over time. Designed to keep up with the pace of racing, the Treck Marina Pants will be in perfect condition after every wash without the need for ironing.

With three strategically placed pockets, these trousers offer a practical solution for carrying your belongings.

Whatever your role within the team, the Treck Marina Pants are the perfect choice for you.

In addition, Treck Marina Pants can be customized with your team logos.