M-PLUS Black Socks


36,00 €

M-PLUS Black Socks

MARINA MPLUS socks are designed to quickly absorb sweat from the skin and promote breathability.

These socks are the same as those of the MCOOL range, the only variation is the packaging in order to offer the complete MPLUS pack.

The fabric in contact with the foot is the same as in the M2 socks, maintaining optimum touch comfort.

Thanks to their elasticity they provide a high support that prevents friction and irritation. The ultra-flat seams on the toecap and the reinforced heel make them a high performance garment.

Based on the expercience of the MARINA M2 socks MPLUS has been developed to achieve the same levels of comfort by passing all the tests requiered by the FIA Standard 8856-2018 regulation.

Note: For hygiene reasons, underwear cannot be returned.