Top White M-COOL


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Top White M-COOL

The MCOOL range of products contain COOL Therm PCM 28. Due to the increase in body temperature, the Cool Therm PCM microcapsules change their state from solid to liquid. During this process, latent heat energy is absorbed and can reduce body temperature by up to 3 degrees.

Based on the experience of the MARINA M1 shirt, in the MCOOL we reach the same levels of comfort, achieving a good result in all the tests required by the FIA Standard 8856-2018 regulations.

The MARINA MCOOL shirt is designed with the purpose of adhering to the body and avoiding friction between the underwear and the skin, improving racing driver’s comfort.

The MCOOL series is elaborated with ultra-flat seams to prevent irritation while guaranteeing permanent flame retardant protection. The shirt, like the entire MCOOL series, is customizable and can now be edited online with personal logos.

Nota: For hygiene reasons, underwear cannot be returned.




- Contains COOL Therm PCMs

- Antibacterial

- Composition: 70%M-Aramid + 30%FR Viscose

- FIA 8856-2018 homologation




- Permanent fireproof

- 43% more elastic than the market average

- Extra soft

All MCOOL products are designed and manufactured in




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