Car fire blanket


1.210,00 €

Car fire blanket

Fire blanket for gasoline and diesel cars

Fire blanket manufactured to extinguish fires in combustion vehicles.

Designed with fiberglass fabric coated on both sides with polymer. Includes 6 grips, 3 on the right side in a dark color and another 3 on the left side in a light color, to facilitate placement and deployment.

Includes a textile duffel bag for transport and storage.

This blanket measures 9x6 m. (54 m2) which allows it to cover most cars in case of fire, even SUVs and SUVs.

To place the blanket correctly, the intervention of at least 2 is recommended.

The approximate weight is 28kg.




  • It is not necessary to have a water intake or tank nearby.
  • Only 2 people are needed to put out a burning car.
  • It can be stored easily, it does not expire.
  • No fire training is required.
  • Prevents the fire from spreading to nearby vehicles or surrounding facilities.
  • Contains toxic fumes derived from combustion.
  • It contains opaque fumes, which allows a perfect vision and control of the situation.
  • Prevents installations, such as underground car parks, from being damaged by smoke or other incandescent particles in suspension.
  • It prevents the remains of the fire from filtering through the sewer, as if it happens with the use of water.
  • It does not leave any trace of particles in suspension or deposited on surfaces as it does with fire extinguishers.
  • It can be used near electrical panels or other installations sensitive to water.
  • It greatly limits the damage caused by the accident.
  • Facilitates the performance of firefighters both in means and in time.