Fire blanket 120x120cm


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Fire blanket 120x120cm

The flame retardant blanket 120 x 120cm with textile cover is used to fight against fire and avoid possible burns during the process of evacuation in a fire.

According to the report nº 2014AN0254 issued by the textile laboratory AITEX, the blanket of pre-oxidized fibers meets the requirements established in the European regulations for fire retardant blankets EN1869. Defined as a safety element, it is used to fight against fire and to avoid possible burns during the process of evacuation of a fire. Due to its weight, speed and ease of use it is recommended to solve situations where other elements of extinction may be ineffective.

The polyester textile sheath, with a design adaptable to all types of environments, serves to transport the blanket in a comfortable way and there is even the possibility of installing it in a fixed place. Includes instructions for use, maintenance and folding.

This article is provided by the specialist TEXFIRE company.




- Fabric: TEXFIRE NT 200

- Measures of the blanket: 120x120 cm

- Sizes of the case: 30x16x8 cm

- Total weight: 660 grams

- Effective against fire according to EN1869 (fire-retardant blankets).

- Lightweight and flexible.

- Compatible with skin (asbestos free).

- Finishes in flame-retardant wire and reflective arrows for easy visibility.




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